Can you learn all there is to know about coaching by reading one book? 

A guest post written by;  Stephanie A. Janke, Certified Biblical Life Coach

Can you learn all there is to know about coaching by reading one book?  My estimation is probably not, but George L. Yates has managed to pack many powerful keys and valuable insights into just 10 chapters and a little over 100 pages, in his book, COACHING:  A Way of Leadership    A Way of Life.

Mr. Yates discusses coaching, eye contact, body language, and the art of asking questions. His coaching instruction resonates with moving people forward, enabling them to maneuver and navigate through various stages of transition and transformation. What particular skills do I need to do this, you might ask?   We are all coaches in some ways during our lives, even if it isn’t our business or ministry.  Teaching children, cruising through marriage, or building relationships with co-workers, family and friends, requires us to have the skills George describes in his book! 

Does asking the right questions or watching a person’s body movements give me enough information to help someone really make changes?  Mr. Yates explores the 4 basic ‘natures’ of the question, and examines the ‘funnel effect’ of how coaches can help bring the coachee to a “more proper conclusion, leading them on a path toward greater effectiveness”.   Discovering the breakdown, realizing the need to make adjustments, and taking responsibility, will begin the rebuilding process that each person needs to keep moving forward.

Can sitting in a real-time environment with our coachees produce more depth and substance during our sessions?  COACHING: A Way of Leadership, will open your own eyes to the keys of greater communication skills through eye contact, body language, and facial expressions. Along with concentrating on greater listening skills, the coach will become a ‘life-long’ learner.  George’s goal is “to have the purpose, power, and passion which transform us”, the coach; when we help others to “unlock the mysteries of the mind, heart, soul and will”! 

Why should you read COACHING: A Way of Leadership A Way of Life?  As the Mr. Yates describes, the ‘why question’ is often not the best approach.  Instead, ask yourself, ‘What will best help me to create an environment of change, experience, and discovery, so that the coachee will be inspired, and have their own thoughts illuminated?   Can I assist them to unearth the choices and changes they can only make themselves? Want to improve your productivity? ,Want to be more effective in your coaching? ,Want to be respected as a person with the ability to lead others?  Read this book and you will discover like Mr. Yates states in his conclusion… “After all, Coaching, it is a Way of Leadership, a Way of Life!   My plan is to read it over and over again.

My thanks to Stephanie Janke for her review of this book. You can purchase your copy from Amazon or at SonC.A.R.E.

George Yates is a coach and Church health strategist, assisting individuals, churches and other organizations in fulfilling their God-given purpose.