Turnaround Journey

Turnaround Journey

Discovering a path for Effective Church Leadership

Greater than anything else, proper preparation is the key to success. Be it your personal journey, business or ministry, this book will assist you on your life journey.

Many churches and organizations plan, but there is a large difference between planning and strategic planning that leads to implementation for effective ministry. Follow the story of Pastor Tim Farling and Calvert City Community Church as they learn a clear and easy to follow strategic planning process with techniques on effective and successful implementation. The formula in this book helps leaders and teams narrow their focus spending their time on those things which will bring the highest results for the church or organization. In addition the reader will find more than thirty helpful insights for productive leadership in any area of life.


The following are some comments following a recent Turnaround Journey retreat. To find out how your church or organization can experience the same type of retreat contact George Yates at glyates@soncare.net or 859-481-2450.

Thank you for the follow-up.  We have started implementing some of the tools you introduced us to.  The staff is now doing 2 minute reviews and are beginning to see the benefits of knowing what others are doing.  Also, we introduced to our leadership team the Elder Ministry Partnership, OG  (Overarching Goal) and church’s vision.  It was received well by the team…

The retreat was beneficial because you guided without taking over. You allowed us to work through what was important to us, but knew when to engage if we were veering too far off.  I believe you assisted us in revealing what God wanted us to be aware of…The retreat not only identified the issue, but gave us a system to address it. Nathan Howard, Executive Pastor/Elder, Progressive Community Church, Stockton, CA

It was my first such retreat; and, I believe that I grew immensely. I learned that you can’t leave the growth of God’s church to happen-stance. It must be intentional or the church dies. I also picked up quite a few tools to help direct me and Progressive down that path. I thank God for men like you, who have the gift of focus. It is men like you that keep us targeted and on the right path. Alex Early Jr., Elder

I was so blessed and encouraged by what I heard and learned during the retreat. One of the principles that stood out for me was; that as a leader, I shouldn’t always supply the answer to a question or situation that may arise. It’s important for my team to think, discuss and talk through the situation, and hopefully come up with an answer or resolve the situation. I have actually put that principle into practice since the retreat and it’s worked well. Elder Mack Myles

Thank you so much for your time and efforts in helping us reach our O.G. as a church. One thing that stuck out for  me during the retreat was the obvious difference between a coach and a consultant. A consultant may have felt the need to solve our problem(s) for us, but you, as our coach, guided us into solving our own problem(s). We came up with a process where we can take full ownership. I felt like you were a part of us, working with us to achieve a God driven process. Thank you so much for your help and I hope we get an opportunity to work together again.  Elder Isom Harrison


“Embedded in this story are important principles about actually leading a church to plan and implement strategic change.  There are many theoretical books on how to do this – but sadly, not too many on how to really get it done.  If you are discouraged by theoreticians and frustrated by failed efforts, check out the insights in this book as a roadmap to practical change in your church.” Dr. Jeff Iorg, President, Golden Gate Seminary

Turnaround Journey is an excellent handbook for all leaders in the church —  ministers, teachers, staff, as well as lay leaders.  George Yates does a fantastic job of laying out the tools and techniques for leadership and problem solving in the church.  In reality, many of the insights are really not limited to churches – really applicable to a Christian leader of any organization.  I’m going to borrow some of the analogies and approaches for use at work. Syd Garrett, Director of Compliance, Fortune 100 Global Telecommunications company

In Turnaround Journey, George Yates gives insight into leadership development that is applicable in the church, family, and corporate world as well. These principles are Biblically based and practical. Anyone desiring to become a more effective leader will benefit from this book. Larry Wynn, Vice president, Church Revitalization, Georgia Baptist Convention.

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