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It was good to be together during the Reaching the Summit Conference last Thursday.  God used George Yates to touch all of our lives.  I am personally grateful that you took time to be present…” Neal Hughes, Associational Missionary to pastors.

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RTS implementStudy & Implementation Guide

The material in this workbook/manual is intended to serve as a guide to be used alongside the book Reaching the  Summit: Avoiding and Reversing Decline in the Church. The intent is to assist organizational leaders in searching with  an open heart the needs of the organization. Then developing and implementing strategies and practices to build a sustainable healthy, growing organization for God’s Kingdom.

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Why are so many churches in decline today?

What causes decline in churches?

Churches do not intentionally walk away from their purpose (first love). Decline is certainly not in the motives or objectives of any church.

It is imperative that church and ministry leaders take an objective evaluation of the reality of all aspects and facts of their ministry setting.

Leaders of a declining organization must come to the realization that the organization is in decline and know there is hope.

There are principles and steps to reverse the trends of decline. First, there must be a “want to” attitude among the leaders first, and the members of the organization.

This book identifies five phases of decline and provides eight principle areas any church or organization can address to avoid or reverse decline of the organization.

Phase One – The Loss of Vision

Phase Two – Lack of Purpose

Phase Three – Denial of Reality

Phase Four – Grasping for Survival

Phase Five – Relinquishment of Ministry

As Jesus approached a man at the pool of Bethesda He asked, “Do you want to get well?” Instead of answering the question it is interesting to note the man began making excuses, blaming the state of his condition on outside sources of which he had no control. How similar we find the church of today. The question remains, “Do you want to get well?” Principles never change. The second portion of this book deals with practices based on time tested and proven principles to help your church avoid or reverse the course of decline.

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