Realizing Your Value

In life we each purchase items for our homes and our personal pleasure. Some items are small and inexpensive. Others can be large and costly.

You can judge the value of each item by the price you pay for it. Likewise, we can judge our value by the price God, through Jesus, paid for us. Think of the depths into which Jesus had to reach in order to redeem you and me.

Imagine being taken from your nice comfortable home, with all your conveniences and pleasures, to a tin make-shift shelter with a dirt (mud) floor, to live for 33 years. This is similar (a rough comparison) to what Jesus did. He left a place of perfection to come to a messed up world. And He did it to redeem you and me. We can judge our value by the price God, through Jesus, paid for us.

You and I were born into a fleshly body. The flesh is sinful. Therefore, we live a life riddled with sin. Have you ever been around someone who sprayed themselves down with extra cologne or perfume, trying to mask body odor, because he/she did not take time to bathe properly? (Not a pleasant thought, is it?) The body odor comes through and the perfume only makes the stench worse. You cannot mask that body odor or hide it.

The same is true with our sin. We cannot hide or mask our sin with church attendance or good deeds. Sin is sin and it will not wash off with man’s solutions.

As the hymn says, Jesus paid it all, all to Him I owe; sin has left a crimson stain, He washed it white as snow.” Only through the shed blood of Jesus, will God redeem.

We have so much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving season. God is a gracious God and is truly greatly to be praised. You are valuable to God. Read the Gospel of John in your copy of God’s Word, The Holy Bible, to learn more about what He paid for your redemption.

No matter your status in life, you can judge your value by the price God, through Jesus, paid for your redemption.