Sunday School & Small Group Resources

SonC.A.R.E. Ministries strives to provide you with resources to assist in building and maintaining a healthy, growing Sunday School or other small group ministry. There are several resources listed on this page to assist you in building a healthy, strong, and growing Sunday School. Browse through the descriptions and click on the blue names to download the pdf copies. Check back often for updates and new resources for your ministry. Resources on this page are provided for your personal ministry and are not for sale and not to be included in anything you wish to publish for sale.

Class Organization & Structure

Organizing your class for ministry and growth is one of the keys to health and growth. This document Class Structure flow chart is a two page example of how you can organize your class(es). The teacher/facilitator is the main leader and you can add other positions as your class grows. This is an expandable structure as your class fulfills the Great Commission and brings new people in.

I believe in allowing everyone on your class Ministry List to have an area of responsibility. This gift based ministry – allowing people to serve where they are passionate and gifted – gives a sense of ownership and responsibility, and builds in friendly accountability.

In addition to the flow chart is this Class Organization Titles and Responsibilities gives you a brief description of the areas of responsibilities listed in the flow chart. It will also give you some additional ideas and thoughts on how to add areas of structure for your specific needs.

Start with your class structure to meet the needs of your class and build from there. Example: if you have only three people in your class begin your structure with a Teacher, Associate Teacher, and a Class Clerk (Secretary). Each of you may need to take on a secondary role: i.e. Class Clerk could also be an Outreach leader until you grow and add an Outreach Leader.

Care Groups

To sustain healthy, growing small groups (Sunday School) it is wise and another key to use some type of ongoing, care structure. Assembling your class into smaller groups make ministry and caring for all a much easier and accomplishable task. The Care groups document is a brief description of how a Care Group should function and who should be in a care Group. You should have a Care Group for every five to six people on your Class Ministry List (class role).

Curriculum Review

It is important to know the curriculum being used in your classrooms is relevant to your purpose and mission and matches your doctrinal positions. Evaluate your current or potential curriculum using the Curriculum Review .

Sunday School Leader Covenant

Use the Leaders Covenant to assist in building a healthy Bible study leadership team. A covenant is a solemn agreement. Teaching others about the Good News and living the Christian life is about the most solemn thing I can imagine. In the church we deal with the eternal. Can you name something more solemn than the eternal?


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