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The following resources are provided for your personal ministry and are not to be sold or included in any publication you produce for sale.

Reaching the Summit: Avoiding and Reversing Decline in the Church is a brief guide to assist you in strengthening your ministry using biblically based principles and practices that have proven effective for success for thousands of years. The resources linked on this page are designed to assist you in moving toward a healthier, more effective ministry regardless of where your ministry health is today. Click on the blue links to download the desired tools and helpful resourceful.

Action Plan Table

Any initiative or event planned requires action to be carried out. The Action Plan Table is provided for use in setting action plans to carry out various strategic initiatives considered and determined by the Planning Teams of the church. It is not enough to discuss thoughts and ideas if we do not write them down and follow-up and follow through with each desired or needed action.

Biblical Personality Vision Assessment

Chapter 10 of Reaching the Summit speaks of vision and has been said to be one of the best written pieces on vision in some time. The Biblical Personality Vision Assessment is the template for the Pastor’s Retreat in seeking vision using biblical personalities. A pastor should carry 5-7 copies of this document on his retreat for as many different biblical personalities receiving vision.

Community Needs Survey

Included in Chapter 7, A Vigorous Face to Face Summit with Reality is the suggestion for a community needs survey. The Community Needs Survey is a 3 question survey seeking answers in a non-threatening manner and can be used in a number of ways. Instead of telling the community what we think they need, let’s ask them.

Questions for Determining Strengths of the Church

This questionnaire is designed to be used with the strengths exercise described in Reaching the Summit. After completing the strengths exercise with a larger group of church members, the strategic planning team should work through the Questions for Determining Strengths of the Church.

Strengths and Needs Matrix

Working through the Strengths worksheet will help a church determine the strengths of the church, needs of the community, and where those two intersect, and how implementing opportunities to administer the strengths in service to God.

Understanding People and Change

Understanding People and Change is an article I wrote dealing with one of the main obstacles of leading change. If you desire to lead change you must understand the risk vs. reward factor.

Trending Graph

Use the Trending Graph to create a visual image of how your church has been moving the last ten years. You can also use this graph to set projections for the next ten years. Plot out the projection line and over the course of the ten years create a different colored line to show progress. The trending graph can be used to visualize anything your church deems important or helpful to your progress.

Event Plan Flow Chart

The Event Plan Flow Chart is a very basic diagram created to assist ministry leaders in proper planning for a successful event. Be it a church wide event or a particular ministry within the church, proper planning is crucial to having a successful event.

Formulating Good Questions

The effectiveness of leadership rests largely on formulating the proper types of questions. Formulating Questions is an article written to help you get started in framing effective questions, stimulating great discussion and productive team work.

Check back often as we will be adding tools, helps, and resources to assist you in Reaching Your Ministry Summit!

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