A History of Growing Churches

George Yates has served in the education ministry of three churches. Each church experienced results in Spiritual growth, ministry advancement (new units and viable ministries), missions awareness, and numerical growth.

1st church – The Sunday School of this church increased in attendance by an average of ten percent (10%) each year while George served on staff, and continued to grow afterward. Much of this growth has been credited to the ministry and leadership development George helped to instill in the members of the church.

2nd church – church transitioned to a missional church through the Sunday School as it grew. Each Sunday School class and division undertook community mission projects throughout the year. Some adopting certain projects as on-going mission opportunities, others adopted several projects throughout the year. While this church experienced difficult and trying times, many of the members credited the staff with leading the church to a greater spiritual maturity than any time in recent history.

3rd church – served part-time as Minister of Education for 23 months while serving in a denominational leadership position; Sunday School attendance increased by 46% in less than 2 years. Structure was brought to the Sunday School, new classes were added to insure all age groups had a place to attend and study God’s Word while building new relationships.

In addition to this George serves as Transitional Interim pastor and has assisted churches in understanding, developing, and implementing effective ministry practices for Sunday School, Discipleship, Leadership Development, and Ministry and Missions awareness through conferences, workshops, consultations, and coaching.

Prior to receiving his Master of Religious Education Diploma, George served as bi-vocational Youth Minister. Starting a youth ministry with five teenagers, the ministry was blessed with 40 in number within two years.

George also brings to ministry 20 years of successful experience in the corporate world, fourteen of which in operations management and Human Resources.


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2 Timothy 2:2