Empowering Leadership

In the church as in many organizations leadership fails to recognize the potential of the workers/volunteers. Perhaps we are afraid “they” will not do the job the way we would. Leaders (managers) assign a task and fail to empower the people to accomplish said task. Successful leaders – true fruit producing leaders understand Empowering Leadership.

Empowering Leadership is critical to productivity, higher retention and greater morale. Empowering Leadership is more about the workers than the leader. It is empowering the people assigned a task the leverage to accomplish the task. Here are two key factors for developing an Empowering Leadership model.

  1. There is no other factor where such rapid progress can be made in a relatively short time frame.

The expectations for “empowering leaders” change rapidly and consistently in growing churches/organizations.

Every leader should have an apprentice. The Apostle Paul was always looking to train the next generation of leaders. Multiplication of leadership is a great growth factor.

Every leader that invests himself into other people needs mentors who invest themselves into him or her. Even the Apostle Paul had Barnabas, Silas, the other Apostles.

2. Gift oriented leadership will produce more positive results than any other.

The more extensive our responsibility the more we need people who are interested in our personal growth, and bringing out more and more of that God-given potential. It is important that every leader has a clear understanding of his/her gifts and limitations.

We need to know our gifts and limitations because it is our responsibility to lead others to works of service using their gifts and special abilities.

We are to lead them to ministries and areas of service that fit their gifting and abilities.

If you are not willing to realize the need of others in your organization/congregation you are living in a very narrow self-minded realm. You are not trusting God and His gifting of others.

Your employees/volunteers may not come at the task the exact same way you would. – They might have a better way. Do not get wrapped up in a “my way” syndrome. Guide them, but don’t rule over them with an iron fist or suppressing thumb. Empower your people to take on the task with personal pride. Then allow them the freedom to accomplish the task. You will see greater productivity, personal growth, and higher morale.

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George Yates is an Organizational Health Strategist and Life Purpose Coach , assisting individuals, churches, and organizations in fulfilling their God-given purpose.