Iceberg Characters

The Titanic received 6 iceberg warnings on its maiden voyage before it went down. When the sixth message came in the early morning hours, “Look out for icebergs” the operator wired back, “Shut up, I’m busy.” Thirty minutes later the great vessel, whose Captain said, “Even God couldn’t sink this ship.” was sinking fast. What happened? They forgot the truth about icebergs. What they saw above the water could not have sunk the great ship. But, they forgot that 90% of an iceberg is below the waters surface.

Your life is much like an iceberg. The 10% above the water represents your reputation. The 90% below the surface represents your character. And it is what is below the surface that will sink your ship.

The 10% above water is only what people see when you are putting on your best behavior. Anyone can get dressed up and attend church services on Sunday morning. Anyone can put on a smile and pretend to like her surroundings. But our actions when we are tested exposes much more of who we are. It is then that our true character is revealed.

Whatever is happening on the outside of your life today comes from what is happening on the inside. God places “being” before “doing.” He prioritizes taking care of the inside (your heart) because that will determine what takes place on the outside (your behavior). Your behavior is the outward manifestation of your character.

How is your character as perceived by others – by the strangers you meet each day?

Is your character like an iceberg that cripples and sinks ships?

What do people see as your character? Is it God-like? What does God see? Nothing is hidden from Him.

The founder of SonC.A.R.E. Ministries, George Yates is a coach and organizational health strategist, assisting individuals and organizations in fulfilling their God-given purpose.