The Best Life Compass on the Market

A settler in the early days of north Michigan tells this story: ‘One day I had been walking in the woods, when though I could not see the sun or sky, I knew by the settling darkness that night was coming on, and started, as I thought, for home. I was so certain of my direction that for some time I did not look at my compass. On doing so, however, I was greatly surprised to find that, whereas I thought I was going east, in reality I was bound due west.

Not only was I surprised, but I was so sure of my own judgment and so disgusted with my compass that I raised my arm to throw it away. – Then pausing, I thought, “You have never lied to me yet, and I’ll trust you once more.” I followed it and came out all right.’

The Bible is a compass that has guided millions to heaven. Some would throw it away, but those who follow it always come out safely.

The Holy Bible is God’s compass to us. It is a love story, a guide to great leadership, a life coach, a treasure chest full of accurate pin-pointing direction for life – everyone’s life.

Like the Michigan settler, the¬†further in our journey¬†we wait to use our compass, the farther off course we will be, perhaps walking in the completely opposite direction. Start your day reading a portion of God’s compass to you. It will point you in the right direction for the day.

George Yates is a Life Purpose Coach and Church Health Strategist assisting individuals, churches, and organizations in fulfilling their God-given purpose in life. Visit SonC.A.R.E. Ministries online and see the leadership resources available.