Level Five – The Cream Always Rises to the Top

Little has been written about Level Five leaders. Perhaps because it is rare to find a level five leader. Or could it be because level five leaders are so modest, self-effacing, and humble that they are difficult to capture? It is not that they are actually difficult to capture. However, it is difficult to get them to speak about themselves. The reason being they are – modest, self-effacing, and humble –not so much in their eyes, but in the eyes of their beloved employees (volunteers).

Level five leaders are overly self-effacing, thinking of others, always giving credit to everyone else on the team. You will likely never hear a level five leader take credit, even if he was the only person involved in the accomplishment. But he/she will always gladly point to the team as the reason for success.

Level five leaders are so high on the team success scale that all individual contributions at all levels have become secondary (or non-existent). This leader has constructed and developed a team that loves the leader to the point that the effectiveness of the team’s accomplishment is the victory. Team members will sacrifice for a level five leader; not because of a deadline or time limit, but because of their admiration and love for the level five leader.

Not only do level five leaders pass the credit (even if he/she has done most of the work), he will also shoulder the responsibility, even when the responsibility lies elsewhere. This is where the humility of a level five leader shines through. The leader could have been 500 miles away when the blunder occurred, yet, he will always take ownership of the responsibility and never pass blame. Like a mother hen takes care of her chicks, so a level five leader will protect his team members.

Level five leaders will repeat the team success no matter where or what team they are assigned to. The cream always rises to the top. Level five leaders cannot, by nature of who they are, reveal themselves as a level five leader. Think about that statement. If a person claims to be a level five leader, does that claim not take away humility and self-effacement? This alone would disqualify a person as a level five leader, would it not?

Level five leaders are always hard, diligent workers as well. Not afraid to get their hands dirty, often the first on the job and the last to leave, yet disciplined in keeping life’s priorities straight. Like most people you and I may never reach the level five leadership post, but should it not be our ever-endeavoring effort?

George Yates is a Life Purpose Coach and Church Health Strategist assisting individuals, churches, and organizations in fulfilling their God-given purpose in life. Visit SonC.A.R.E. Ministries online and see the leadership resources available.