Leading to Discovery

A coach is one who leads people to discovery. It is not often that a person will realize his/her potential without the help and encouragement of others. A coach helps individuals and teams to realize their potential and to discover ways of being efficient and effective in reaching that God-given potential. Most often when we think of a coach we think of sports teams. There is at least one similarity between these two types of coaches.

There has never been a sports coach who gave one once of skill to an athlete. A sports coach cannot endow or give an athlete any skill or ability to be a better ball player or athlete. You cannot give skill. What the great sports coaches have learned to do is assist the player in discovering and developing the skill and ability that lies inside the athlete. Thus, challenging the athlete to rise to his/her full potential as a ball player, runner, or swimmer.

Similarly, a personal coach assists the coachee in discovering and developing the life skills and abilities he/she has inside, allowing him/her to rise to his/her full potential in business and in life.

Not only in business and ministry, today people are using coaches for academic purposes, health related issues, family and personal coaching. One of the great attributes of coaching is that the skills and abilities worked on in one area of life tend to transfer over to other areas of life as well bringing balance and satisfaction.

The above is an excerpt from Coaching: A Way of Leadership, A Way of Life. The official release date for this book was Monday, April 17. You can order your copy at Amazon or by clicking the book title above at SonC.A.R.E. Ministries. We are all coaches and leaders. Read what Associational Missionary, Larry Cheek has written about the book and other materials from George Yates and SonC.A.R.E. Ministries.

George Yates’ latest book, reminds me of the lyrics of John Fogerty’s song “Centerfield” and I must say, “Put me in coach, I’m ready to play today!” I have known George and have read and used everything he has written to improve my performance as a leader. Regardless of your profession, this book will help you to become a better listener, learner and most of all a leader! I encourage you to join George on the path of self-discovery and a better way of life! Dr. Larry Cheek, Associational Missionary, Stone Mountain Baptist Association of Churches